Casey + Marybeth


Taking the Beauty of the Texas Countryside Indoors

Riding through the hills of Fayetteville, Arkansas is where the paths of Marybeth and Casey crossed. Flying Q is whom they can thank for helping them meet one another! Their journey of love started back in 2012 at the engagement party of a friend and they were official on the first day of 2013. Within three years they knew they would be together forever. Their motto since day one has been “always an adventure.” They are tying the knot at the end of March at The Springs in Anna, Texas where a couple hundred of their closet friends will gather and witness the first day of the rest of their lives. RK Meetings & Events is proud to be a part of Casey Marybeth’s wedding!

“As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen…” ~Winnie the Pooh

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